This really depends on how comfortable you are with people knowing your intentions, the lengths you’re willing to go to to conceal the procedure, and/or how much money are you willing to spend to conceal the scarring from the procedure(s).  Here are some tips you should consider if you’re looking to minimize the likelihood of people knowing of the hair transplant procedure.


  • Plan to take at least a week, preferably two, off from work if you want to reduce the probability of your co-workers knowing. As previously covered in this article, the pain is minimal and you could potentially return to work in a few days; however, the redness will still be present and if you have the more invasive procedure a bandage will be required.
  • Outside of work, or if you’re fortunate enough to be allowed to at work, wear a hat. This will help conceal the redness and any other results from the surgery.  Make sure to wear a loose-fitting hat where it won’t hurt your scalp or impact results.  Make sure to adhere to all of your doctor’s orders while in recovery just in case they prohibit you from wearing a hat for a certain period of time.

As with any cosmetic procedure, a person is altering their appearance for self-confidence.  People have facial surgeries and breast augmentation but there is no way to conceal those types of surgeries.  At the end of the day, if you are looking into a hair transplant then you’re looking for a confidence boost and this will give you that.  Some people may notice and others may not.  The only thing for certain is that you’ll have a confidence and self-esteem boost!

If you trust everything you read online, you will be confused! But if your ultimate goal is to find a surgeon who can get you actual results, come for a free consultation. We care, and we do everything the way we do anything, with precision and with the utmost care.