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Each doctor’s office will have their own policies and procedures related to any form of examinations or questions they may have prior to you actually stepping foot in their office for the actual consultation. This section will provide you with a good idea of what may be expected of you prior to meeting with the doctor for a consultation.

“I thought the consultation meeting was the start of the process and that it’s where the doctor can examine me?” Well, yes and no. Think of the virtual consultation as a step which gives your doctor a chance to brainstorm and go into the actual face-to-face consultation with a fundamental game plan. Your doctor needs to know going in whether you’re balding at the crown of your head or back as well as how far along your hair loss has progressed.

You will likely be asked to provide your demographic information such as your age, gender, and race. Next, the online form will probably provide you with pictures of various people all with different forms of hair loss and ask you to identify the picture which best represents the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Next, the doctor will likely want to know about any previous or current forms of treatment you have tried to restore hair or prevent future hair loss such as Propecia, Rogaine®, or earlier surgical hair restoration attempts. Finally, the doctor may ask questions of their own preference which may include any family history of baldness, the age at which you first started noticing hair loss, and/or if the hair loss has become more rapid as of recent. Anytime you provide a doctor with your medical information you should always answer truthfully as failure to do so may lead to a corrective action plan which is not suitable for your needs.