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The best advice to find out the experience other men who have had hair restoration surgery is to actually do the research yourself by reading online message boards or, if possible, see if you can speak to someone yourself who has personally had the procedure conducted.  Obviously, if you go on a doctor’s website and read through their testimonials they are going to only post the positive and best comments.

Don’t let that deter you though as this is a common practice by all industries, not just within the hair restoration field.  On one particular website, RealSelf, there are nearly 2,000 unique reviews posted by people who have had hair restoration surgery and over 90% noted that the procedure was worth it.

Some highlights of the testimonials from men include the following:

A common worry was that the hair which was transplanted would again fall out.  Men stated that they were told that it wouldn’t but were skeptical.  However, they have been pleasantly surprised that the hair has indeed not fallen out just like the doctor told them.

Men have reported a boost of self-confidence in not only in their appearance but their overall mental health.  As previously mentioned in this article the toll on a man’s mental health can be devastating due to hair loss.

A lot of men state that the surgery and recovery was much easier than they anticipated.  Some even noted that after the initial in-person consultation their mind was at ease once the procedure was explained in detail to them.  No matter how much they read online about the procedure it wasn’t until they actually went to meet with a doctor they were 100% ready to go through with the procedure.

In addition to having their own internal confidence boosted by the procedure men state there is no better feeling than have their friends, family, and wife or girlfriend compliment how nice they look.  They state that they secretly even love the compliments even better from those who never knew them before the surgery!