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Hair Transplant Pricing

Hair Transplant Costs in Los Angeles

While no one can put a price on the satisfaction and confidence you receive from improving your appearance after upgrading to your new look, we understand that cost is an essential factor to consider. Even though the costs involved with every hair restoration procedure are easy to calculate, at Los Angeles Hair Institute (LAHI) we give you an actual Hair Growth quotation after your consultation meeting. This is to make sure that you can exercise your rights to know the exact final cost for every hair restoration procedure for which you are a good candidate. 


Whether it’s your facial hair, eyebrows, hairline, or balding spots, the quotation will be based on your hair growth goals, the important details you are concerned about (such as the number of grafts, possible linear scars, and donor area), and the roadmap that the doctor designs for you to get there. If there is more than one way to take you where you want to be, you will be informed about all your options and all the costs involved. Also, if the doctor decides that you are not a good candidate for any of the invasive or non-invasive solutions, you will be informed of all the details.

Right now, we charge $6 per graft. You may, however; underestimate or overestimate the number of grafts you really need. That’s why it’s more accurate if you get the precise quotation after your visit. 


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