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The cost of a hair transplant depends on how many grafts you need. Each graft typically costs between $7 and $9 and consists of 1 to 4 hair follicles. A consultation should be scheduled to determine the number of grafts needed. 

At Los Angeles Hair Institute, we give you a quote based on the results of your consultation in order to ensure you know the final cost for your best FUE hair transplant procedure. The final cost will depend on your hair growth goals and the details that you are concerned about (such as the donor area, number of grafts, and possible scarring), and the hair transplant options that you and your doctor discuss. 

Tip: Always call and ask if there is an ongoing promotion

It is difficult to know how many grafts you may need without a consultation. Some areas may require fewer grafts depending on the density of other hair follicles. You may be surprised how few grafts you may need! It is important to get a consultation in person. Different amounts of grafts are needed for different areas. If you are wanting to transplant hair on your face, hairline, eyebrows, or balding spots, then you will require a different number of grafts. Dr. Matt Tahsini will discuss your options during your initial consultation.

No matter where you go for your FUE hair transplant procedure, make sure that you find a board-certified surgeon first. Some practices may offer lower prices to lure you in and be underqualified for the procedure. Research the options you have before your hair transplant! If you live in Los Angeles, it is also home to Dr. Matt Tahsini, a board-certified surgeon who is well qualified to offer you the best FUE hair transplant at a reasonable, well-explained price.

You can always reach out to Los Angeles Hair Institute for a consultation and ask if there are any active specials that can help reduce the final cost. Each place may offer different ways to reduce the cost of your hair transplant. For example, you can discuss the possibility of using your photos as before and after treatment examples for a discount. It is important to visit the location that you have chosen for your hair restoration procedure and ask if they have any specials or discounts available. They may have options that are not announced online.

While FUT procedures may be less expensive and take less time, they also require a piece of your scalp to be removed. This results in longer downtime and more scarring that will need to heal. Hair follicles are harvested individually during FUE procedures, leaving tiny pin-prick white scars on your scalp. Luckily, these scars are easily covered by your hair. Many people prefer an FUE hair transplant because they don’t want a linear scar along their scalp. With $6 grafts at Los Angeles Hair Institute, you cannot go wrong with your budget for a quality hair transplant procedure (Call and check if this price is still valid).

Unfortunately, health insurance usually does not cover the costs of a hair transplant. It is considered an elective cosmetic procedure that is not medically necessary. If a hair transplant is needed during reconstructive surgery, then it may be covered by insurance. This can sometimes happen after severe burns or trauma to the head. It is always important to ask in order to know if you’re eligible for coverage. 

Tip: Call and ask if financing options are available.

Schedule your consultation for the best FUE hair transplant today in order to determine how much the procedure will cost. At LA Hair Institute, all of your treatment options will be discussed in order for you to make the best decision possible. Don’t compromise anymore! Look your best at Los Angeles Hair Institute. Los Angeles Hair Clinic is a well-known name in the hair restoration industry and among the skin and hair aficionados like Realself and

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We work closely with one of Los Angeles’s best fashion photographers, Kourosh Sotoodeh, to offer you a completely free professional photography session 6 months after the procedure and when the new hair is all settled in. It will be a memorable photoshoot to cherish and welcome your new hair!