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There are two primary methods of a hair transplant procedure, the FUE and the Follicular Unit Transplantation, hereafter referred to as FUT.  Before covering the differences, a person should note that both types of transplantation procedures are designed to harvest donor hair and transplant them into area(s) needing coverage.  However, this is essentially the only similarities of the two.

The primary difference between the two types of procedures lies with how the donor hairs are harvested by the surgeon.  In the FUE procedure, the surgeon uses a device to remove follicles from the scalp in tiny “punches”.  Basically, a tiny incision hole is made which removes the hair follicle from a donor site and then is transplanted in another area of the scalp.  Compared to FUT, the FUT actually involves the surgeon cutting out a line of the scalp to get the donor hair.  Once the line of scalp has been removed the surgeon pulls hairs from the piece of the scalp which has been removed and then transplants the hair.  With FUE, the surgeon does not remove any part of the scalp at all; rather, donor hairs are directly harvested from the scalp