ARTAS is a combination of software and hardware which assists the surgeon to conduct an FUE hair transplant. While each doctor who utilizes ARTAS may differ in their specific procedures and methods, the general steps will be as follows.

1. During the initial consultation with the hair surgeon, they will use ARTAS technology to create a hair transplant design in 3D. Then, the results will be shown to the patient exhibiting the number of grafts needed and the potential end result.

2. The hair surgeon will use the ARTAS system to scan the patient’s scalp to help him identify the best donor hairs to use for the transplant. This is one of the advantages of the ARTAS system as it uses its technology to increase the potential success of donor hair being transplanted and remaining in place as not all potential donor hair is suitable for transplantation.

3. Once the procedure has begun, the donor’s hair is harvested with robotic precision in order to both pick the best donor hair as well as preserve the natural look of the donor site(s) after the harvest. Another advantage of going with a surgeon who utilizes ARTAS is that the system allows for the surgeon to increase both speed and accuracy which are far greater than manual harvesting techniques.

4. The donor site is then transplanted into the pre-determined sites with greater speed and accuracy. Additionally, the ARTAS system decreases the probability of healthy hair in the area(s) in which hair is to be transplanted being harmed during the procedure.

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