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Regardless of where you live, if you suffer from hair loss, or you want to upgrade your facial hair, eyebrows, or hairline with fine natural hair and a beautiful natural-looking result, choosing your hair surgeon is an important and sometimes a private matter.

Dr. Tahsini treats patients not only from around the Los Angeles area but from all over the United States and the world. Whether it’s hair transplantation, FUE procedures, or non-invasive hair restoration procedures, we believe that to get the best hair growth results, patients should be able to concentrate only on the treatment, and recovery and not worry about traveling, accommodation, and planning for their hair restoration journey.

Many astute patients from the rest of the country, Europe, Dubai, and Hong Kong choose to consult with Dr. Tahsini via our Fully Responsive Teleconference System and visit LAHI in Los Angeles when a hair transplant procedure is in order.

If you live outside of Los Angeles, we can offer you an all-inclusive package to ensure a seamless thoroughly planned process, by which you will get your hair back without worrying about accommodation, planning, transportation, and aftercare. 

All of our out-of-town patients will be accommodated at the iconic 5-star Terranea – L.A.’s Oceanfront Resort and personalized transportation to and from the clinic will be provided during their stay. We always make sure to accommodate your travel needs without compromising your care, so you can relax and concentrate on your new upgraded look. 

Write to and start the conversation. Our staff will be more than happy to arrange a virtual consultation. Do not compromise your look any more. Go For It!