You like putting on your favorite team’s ballcap on your way out the door Saturday morning.  You do this every weekend.  Suddenly, your neighbor mentions to you that if you continue to wear that thing your hair will start to fall out.  Every man has heard this.

Fear not. That ballcap or any hat you wear is not going to make you go bald quicker, your hair to thin, or cause you to start balding. An old wives’ tale is that wearing hats will somehow restrict the amount of blood flow to hair follicles which deprives them of nutrients which will eventually cause them to die. There is no conclusive research that supports any such theory. If this theory was somehow true, then the amount of pressure needed to be exerted on the scalp would be terribly painful and you’d notice your head start to turn different colors.

However, wearing a hat too often may impact the health of your hair in ways other than baldness. If you wear a hat when it’s warm, exercising, or anything else which may induce sweat causing moisture to get trapped inside the hat, it has the potential to cause irritation to the scalp. Likewise, if your hat is strapped to your head too tightly, this can cause discomfort or irritation. If you do wear a hat more often than not or even constantly during the weekends, make sure to take steps necessary to keep your hat sanitary by regularly washing it and by not wearing it too tightly. But in no way, shape, or form is a hat going to contribute to baldness. Don’t blame your trusty, go-to ballcap for something genetics or other external factors are causing.

If you trust everything you read online, you will be confused! But if your ultimate goal is to find a surgeon who can get you actual results, come for a free consultation. We care, and we do everything the way we do anything, with precision and with the utmost care.