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Don't Compromise!

Get Your Hair Back!

Don’t Compromise!
Get Your Hair Back!
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No one likes permanent linear scarring, unimpressive results, unnaturally looking hairlines, and long, painful surgeries by amateurs. These are not only things of the past but are purely unnecessary. The LAHI methods are swift, safe, comfortable, and always done with an artistic touch to give you back not just hair but the fine hair that you desire.

If you are unsure what hair transplant procedure works best to gain beautiful natural hair, we are here to help you find your best option.


If you can look how you’d love to look, there is no reason to wait another day.

Do not compromise your appearance anymore. Go for it!

Meet Your Hair Surgeon

Dr. Matt Tahsini is a Board-Certified Hair Surgeon, FUE hair transplant expert, and Los Angeles Hair Institute founder. Matt has a rich background in medical science and is fueled with immense experience gained from working in different communities with patients from different ethnicities. As a result, Dr. Tahsini has developed the ability to understand patients mentally before trying to help them physically, a characteristic he is most known for among his patients in South Bay Los Angeles.

Twenty years of extensive training and hard work have made Matt both a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). His area of focus is FUE hair restoration for both men and women. His results and qualifications place him as one of the top US-trained hair surgeons in the entire United States.

Matt has worked tirelessly throughout his career to continually build on his knowledge and skills, investigating new techniques to improve patients’ experience and satisfaction. He is a supporter of Operation Restore, where he dedicates his time and skills to those patients suffering from hair loss due to disease or trauma, and he is known for his pro-bono work in his local community.

When you are under his care, you do not need to worry about the number of grafts, the donor area, FUE procedures, donors’ hair, linear scars, or the number of hair you will lose after your hair transplant. He makes sure to choose what works best for you based on the number of possible grafts and your hair growth goals. It happens from time to time When Dr. Tahsini recommends non-invasive procedures to some patients who want natural hair but has no need for follicular unit extraction or other hair transplant procedures that are more invasive. He has done the research for you, so you can be sure you are in good hands.

Patients and those with whom he used his artistic touch to achieve natural-looking results know Dr. Tahsini for his caring approach. Matt has developed a reputation in cosmetic surgery, skin health, and hair restoration in the greater Los Angeles area. He is a family man, and in his leisure time, he collects Japanese art, enjoys garden design, practices Jiu-Jitsu, and plays with his two kids.

Whether it’s your hairline, eyebrows, facial hair, or balding spots on your head and body, you may or may not need a hair transplant. If unsure what works best for you, get in touch and book a FREE consultation with Dr. Tahsini, who takes his time to investigate your case specifically to find the most practical options that work for you.

Dr. Tahsini is also the founder of South Bay’s #1 Ranked beauty and cosmetic clinic, Skin Works Medical Spa. We encourage you to visit the Ask The Expert Page on their website if you have any questions regarding enhancement and rejuvenation procedures for men and women.

Los Angeles Hair Institute
Life-Changing Results
“I know most tend to overthink it, but my decision was very clear. If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you win more in everyday life. It was all about me trying to get the best for me. I’ve been a confident man since I can remember, but I live a life where I remind myself that everything can get better. I simply upgraded myself at L.A. Hair Institute!”

Scott K.

“Dr. Tahsini and his team were incredible, to say the least. I was very impressed by the care and attention to detail! Thanks, Dr. T! This was my first and only cosmetic procedure ever, and I am very happy with how it turned out. Everyone there made me feel like family, and the whole process was easier than I thought. I had my hair done while sitting back, watching a movie! I had my hair transplant 4 months ago, but I am already confident with my new hair!”

Tanner P.

“I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I do tend to find the best of everything. That’s why just like when I wanted to buy my new truck, I had to know what’s under the hood! I think I’m like that because I believe most places do not provide the right information. They talk about everything but not about what I care about. So, I am pretty happy you guys actually got what I wanted. The whole process was smooth, and I was not kept in the dark about anything, and I felt you cared as much as I cared. That was it for me, done deal!”

Carlos T.

“I’m a 48 yo mom, and my bald spots have made me depressed for a long time. Not anymore. I am delighted with Dr. Tahsini, his staff, and the natural-looking results of my hair transplant. Dr. Tahsini has a very pleasant personality, and I felt he cared about giving me a beautiful, natural look. Finding an expert for female hair transplant surgeries was difficult, but right after the first consultation, I knew these people were quite crafty at what they do. Dr. Tahisni is truly a surgeon artist!”

Marina G.